remote submit... is it possible?

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I'm trying to remote-control a site over which I have little control
(it is a php app I installed on MY site, but I would like to leave it
alone as much as possible).
This app presents a series of forms to do various things.
I can pre-fill the forms just manipulating the URL (*veeeery* long
URLs, but it works).

The problem:
I still have to manually hit the [submit] button.
Is there a way to force it programmatically?

The form is a <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://;project=2" method="post">
and the button is a stupid <button accesskey="s" type="submit">Add
this task</button>

Can someone help me, please?

Re: remote submit... is it possible?

Mauro schreef:
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Hi Mauro,

Post a form on a page you have before you?
Hit the Enterbutton works on most browsers.

I am not sure I can follow you however: You do not mind creating
horrible URLs, but you DO mind pressing the submit button?

Anyway, with a small modification in the page you can make it autosubmit
via javascript.
For example:

Then from index.php:
check if autosubmit is in the URL, and if it is, do something like:

For that to work you must change your site of course. (You know: the one
you didn't want to change.)

Erwin Moller

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Re: remote submit... is it possible?

Mauro wrote:
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Perl, and I am sure other languages as well, has the capability to
submit information to a form on a web page that you do not have visible
in a browser.

Re: remote submit... is it possible?

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that's exactly what I need.
Do You have specific pointers?
I would hate to browse hundreds of packages on CPAN only to discover I
chose the wrong one.


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