Redraw issue with IE select element

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Would somebody be so kind as to check
whether the following web snippet has the same
artifact on IE7 or 8 as it does on my Win XP Pro IE 6:

<div style='border:1px solid red;height:95;width:120'><select
size=4 style='height:100%'>

If I alter IE's height or width, then the select element
will flash.  Presumably it attempts to repaint itself
realizes that it can't enlarge its size, and then return
(resulting in a flash) to its original size.  In any case,
I'd like to find out if I can expect this (flashy) behaviour
in future versions of IE or whether it was considered a
bug and fixed up.

Csaba Gabor from Vienna

PS.  With FF this behaviour does not occur.
The select element is anyway sized to match the the
enclosing element (so there may be only a partially
showing last line in the select element) presumably
eliminating some repaint issues.

PPS.  Though I made a comparison to FF, the app
I'm working on is meant for an IE only platform.

Re: Redraw issue with IE select element

Csaba Gabor wrote:
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                                           ^^        ^^^
95 what? 120 what? in CSS lengths require units except for a very few
Take care,


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