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Please forgive me if my English is poor.  Also please tell me if
this is wrong place to ask this question and tell me better place.

When searching web for information Re: .htaccess and redirecting,
I see many different examples of methods.

I wish to be able to say "this is good method that I can always use"
even if exists other good methods.

I wish not be confused by many different examples of methods.

I know is much to ask for to write example .htaccess for me but one
"known to be good" example with "#" comments saying what each part
does would be very large help for learning.

Examples I desire to see: In following examples I desire person
typing in URL OLD to see magic URL change in browser URL NEW.

I Also desire search engine following link to URL OLD to see
301 redirect permanent to URL NEW.

Examples desired to see:

NEW: /

NEW: /

OLD: /
NEW: /

OLD: /
NEW: /

OLD: /

Many thanks for future help.  I have web searched and read
many documentations and I am still confused.

Re: Redirect in .htaccess

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Since you're trying to write an .htaccess file, does that mean you're
trying to configure an Apache server? If so, I recommend

And don't worry about your English -- it's quite clear.

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Re: Redirect in .htaccess

In our last episode,
the lovely and talented Vardan Kushnir
broadcast on comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html:

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There is not one way that will always work because there isn't
just one kind of server software.

The response codes (i.e. 404, 301, 500, etc.) *ARE* governed
by the htt protocol.  They should be standard for any given
version of the protocol.  But how the server software decides
which code to send is not regulated.  Several kinds of servers
do use .htaccess files, but the syntax of the files is not
necessarily the same for different servers -- and all the
servers that use them can be configured to disable them;
many are so configured by default.  Some servers do
not use .htaccess files at all.

You must discover what server software you are using and you
must consult the documentation for that specific server.

Searching the web for this documentation will not do any
good unless you know the kind and version of server you
are using.

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Re: Redirect in .htaccess

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005, Vardan Kushnir wrote:

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<news:comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix>  or

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