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I have a page that was redirected to the same page with a new URL a few
years ago. I now want to assign a new URL and redirect to the new page.

The first redirect is:

Redirect permanent /safety.html

The new redirect is:

Redirect permanent /workplace-ergonomics.html

Should I leave the two as is, or should I rewrite the first one so it points
to the new page?

e.g. Redirect permanent /safety.html



Re: Redirect

Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:08:04 -0800 from Hymer <ergobob@sonic
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Is that a typo for safety-ergonomics? I'll assume it is; otherwise
there's not much point to your article. :-)

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When someone's browser requests /safety.html, do you want the server
to take two steps or one to serve ergonomics.html ?

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Re: Redirect

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Thanks Stan. Actually, the /safety.html was originally named by someone else
several years ago. Then about three years ago I changed it to
/workplace-ergonomics.html for obvious reasons. Now I am changing it again
to simply /ergonomics.html .

I see your point about the server taking one vs. two steps. So I will point
both to the new name /ergonomics.html .

Thanks a lot,


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