Recomendation for RichText Editor?

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I am running a custom web forum and therefore, I need to implement a rich
text editor.

Searching Google and other sites, I can find plenty of editors like
FCKEditor, openWSIWYG and so on. Before testing some of them, I would like
to have a recommendation from you.

My requirements are small, because I need only basic formatting, but maybe
these issues are important:

- easy to include in existing pages, so less danger of unwanted interaction
with other javascript files
- cross-browser compatibility for most important browsers, IE and Firefox in
last versions
- no ActiveX, Java, Flash required
- easy possibility to modify gui - remove controls and so on.
- freeware, of course ;o) andliving community, means with some support from
public forums

Now, my html and javascript knowledge is quite good - so "easy" means I
don't want to spent days to get closed to thousands of options, I just want
to add some lines to my pages,  maybe edit some config files - and there we
go. I don't want to struggle with too many bugs (for example, in serendipity
weblog, my Mozilla struggles with missing paragraph breaks - such a basic

Would be great to get some recommendations here. Thx!


Re: Recomendation for RichText Editor?

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We've tried HTMLarea, TinyMCE and FCKEditor in the past. Of the three
FCKeditor was the best for our purposes. Things we were looking for
were configurability, ability to run multiple editors on the same
page, ease of set up, how light it was in terms of size and
installation, quality of HTML and useful features like cut and paste
to the WYSIWYG. We weren't looking for uploading, AJAX functionality,
smilies or anything other than the basics.

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Re: Recomendation for RichText Editor?

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I've used WidgEditor on a few sites, and I like it.

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