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Not if it's SOAP - there's an XML payload too, with a simple stable
URL to the service and parameters such as search terms embedded within
the XML  (at the broad hand-waving level).

There's probably a complicated XML document in the WSDL dialect
available from the server that describes just what services this web
service host offers, and how you work with them. This isn't easy to
read or code to manually, so most commercial or complex web service
work is based on using automatic code-generation tools. Tools like
Apache Axis (for Java) or lots of M$oft .NET can turn this WSDL
into .java (or other) source code automatically and this give you a
programmer's API for it as things that look like local classes.

You _must_ have good XML knowledge to get anywhere with this stuff.
You _should_ have some worked example code fragments supplied by the
service builder, or else WSDL and an assumption of "commercial grade"

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