Re: Usability Job Opportunities

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and it takes sooo much to become a member. :)

knowing jerry, here's what i wonder about:

"Each programmer has years of experience programming what he or she teaches.
This means the instructor knows the problems students are likely to
encounter, both in and after class, and shares these experiences with the

now, how many employees does numbnutz have. oh yeah, he's admittedly the
only employee. so, that statement is kind of fraudulent. second, jerry can
answer questions about php...most of the time. however, when it comes to
real-life situations where a simple solution can only be had based on
experience, logic, and a level head...jerry has no freaking clue. i guess
that's not fraudulent since he only claims to *know* the problems student
are likely to encounter. can't really faut him there for not being able to
teach students how to *solve* or even *approach* those problems. :)

finally, jerry-berry says he doesn't advertise and just works over the same
ol' clients (no pun intended). hmmmm...why then would he shell out @$350 per
year in icca fees/dues?

then again, i don't think anyone understands jerry's delusions or mental
processes...even jerry. i'll wonder no more. :)

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