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Greetings. wrote:
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This is like using JavaScript to disable the context menu in Internet
Explorer to prevent people from saving or viewing the source code of your
web page.  The only effect it has is to irritate users and make them
switch to a more sensible web browser such as Mozilla or Firefox.

As PDF, like HTML, is an open standard, disabling the Save or Print
functions of the Adobe Reader will eventually cause users to switch to a
different PDF reader that doesn't allow document authors to impose such
silly restrictions.

Why anyone would want to disable printing of a PDF eludes me.  The whole
point of PDF is to encode an exact facsimile of a *printed*, physical
page; they're not meant for online viewing.  If you'd rather users read
your documents on the screen, then HTML or some other structural rather
than physical markup is the correct choice.  The user is then free to
select a presentation suitable to his (dis)abilities and tastes.  With
PDF, the user is stuck with the font and layout *you* choose, whereas with
HTML, the *user* can select how the document is to be presented (for
example, by altering the dimensions of his browser window or configuring
his browser to always use a certain font and font size).  This is
particularly important for the blind and vision-impaired, or for normally
sighted people who resent being made to endure some aesthetically
challenged MS-Word user's idea of beautiful typography (e.g., one 8"
column of 9-point MS Comic Sans text stretching on over fifty printed


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Re: Prevent PDF from being copied

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Which is a worthy cause in itself :-)

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While I agree in principle, I suspect it may also depend a bit on your
target audience. If there is reason to believe that a substantial part
of the audience consists of computer illiterates or even computer
phobics, then this sort of measure may be just that little bit of
complication needed to keep them from making copies.

Just pray they don't have children or are friendly with the kid
nextdoors . . .

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