Re: Passwd protection

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Sandy wrote:
> I am not a webmaster or very web savvy.  I have a hosted site on
> that has only a very limited password protection feature.

Password protection doesn't have a great deal to do with HTML
authoring, so this is somewhat offtopic for this newsgroup.

> I need to password protect subscriber pages (or a directory) and need
> user friendly tool to automatically accept subscriber designated
> userID's and passwds.

>  I've heard that Java scripts are not usable by
> all browsers.

More to the point - using client side scripting for security is akin to
locking the door and then hanging the key in plain sight.

> Apparently I am allowed to install a script on the
> server for our account which resides on Unix.  I'd like a
> simple windows interface that will also cut us an email when someone
> subscribes.

This isn't really too difficult, < would
probably be a good place to start looking for such a script. The
trouble is that if you are dealing with payments then security is
probably more then averagely important, and its not really the sort of
thing you should be dealing with on your first outing with server side
Frankly, for this I think you might be best employing a professional.

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