Re: Is this a bug in form rendering?

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| Bookings can be of various lengths, and a day is implemented as a
| table, with each row signifying a a 15-minute period. To test the
| system I decided to make a 9:00-17:00 booking. This will produce a cell
| with a rowspan of 32.
| I rendered the page, and indeed it specified rowspan="32" (I'll paste
| the HTML produced at the bottom of this posting). To keep things neat
| the corresponding cell in the next 31 lines is omitted.

It would have been better to have give a URL of the simplest page
that shows the effect as described, rather that a part of the HTML
that may or may not do that when manually reconstructed into a page
by someone else.  The work required to see the effect, I decided
not to bother with.

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