Re: FAQ Topic - What is the Document Object Model (DOM)? (2009-11-26)

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John G Harris wrote:

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Well put.  More precisely, there appears to be agreement in all sources
that an acronym is a special form of abbreviation.

I presume it was this ambiguity that led the WHATWG to believe that the
ACRONYM element was unnecessary in the HTML 5 they are drafting, that ABBR
sufficed.  However, I do not think it is because acronyms in the sense of
initialisms would often need to be interpreted and spoken differently than
mere abbreviations (like "eightch-tea-em-el" ["HTML"] vs. "et cetera"
["etc."]).  Perhaps they argued that this difference would be
presentational and therefore should not be covered by a markup language,
that an aural stylesheet should take care of that instead, but consequently
they would have needed to abolish B and I in favor of SPAN with font-
weight/font-style as well, which they did not.

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