Re: duplicate select controls

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Update: the issue has been addressed=20
so I am not the only one to notice it as a lack.

WF2 says:

When a control has a list attribute, it specifies an element from which

to derive the list of author-specified autocompletion values for the


The element specified is the one that would be returned when calling

getElementById() with the value of the list attribute as the argument,

if the returned value is an element node with either the local name

datalist or the local name select, and (for XHTML) with the XHTML

namespace. If the attribute is present but either specifies an ID that

is not in the document, or specifies an element that is not an (X)HTML

datalist or select, then it must be ignored.


I need a form control for the user to enter currency symbol.  
A select control seems to be fit for that purpose;
but the problem is that the control must appear on the page several =
so the formula for page size gets bounded from below by number of =
controls times number of currencies.  
Which means that=20
1) the page must be produced on the fly in order to be consistent,=20
2) the data to be transmitted can grow excessively because the page will =
contain much redundant information
3) it creates unnecessary strain upon the browser to maintain all these =
select elements.
Upon taking this into account, I decided I would stay with a text =
control to be validated afterwards.
Are those considerations correct?  I feel that HTML lacks some important =
abstraction here.

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