Re: Can there be any doubt at this point that queries were a bad idea?

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Garrett Smith wrote:

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Theoretically, yes.
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Obviously not.  XHTML 2 is dead/dying (or never really came alive, whatever
you prefer); (X)HTML 5 is somewhat alive, but a prematurity (and we can
only hope it develops considerably before it's too late).

The example for (X)HTML 2/5 there also does not make any sense: What does
the *user* need to care about the profile used for *markup attributes* by
the author?  (That `rel' attribute value belongs in a `link' element only,
if that.  [Microformats are semantically wrong.])
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One rather wonders where you get your wisdom from.  So far I have only
found indication that regarding markup Google will only consider META

  <meta name="robots" content="noindex">


  <meta name="robots" content="nofollow">

and A elements

  <a href="..." rel="nofollow">...</a>


  <a href="..." rel="nofollow me">...</a>


  <a href="..." rel="me nofollow">...</a>


In any case, I would prefer using a robots.txt instead, so that I can
manage all robot-related directives in one file.

F'up2 ciwah, although ciwam might be better suited


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