Re: Bad characters error, help requested

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 Thank you to the newsgroup members who told me that the problem is with the
"|" character.

I regret the multi-post, I am having a problem with Thunderbird following a
computer crash, and thought that the initial post did not go out.  The first
post went out at 10:48 AM and the second at 6:22 PM, after I thought the
first did not get into the queue.  In fact, I am now using Outlook Express
as the newsreader, because I cannot get Thunderbird to show the newsgroup.

I also apologize for the code snippet; I did not realize that this was poor
etiquette.  In the future, will post the URL.  If the URL is included, is it
then alright to show the problem code snippet in the posting?


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Re: Bad characters error, help requested

Jan Ditzian wrote:

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Yes, if it's a short snippet like yours, of course - it helps find the

Another thing to pay attention to, is where you post your reply. In
this group (and many others), the convention is to read from top to
bottom, so replies go below the replied-to bits of a message, while
the irrelevant bits are snipped. This is called bottom-posting, and
top-posting is bad :-)

Els                  /
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|OT| posting style


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Ok, but if top posting is writing your whole response at the beginning
of your post, I would say bottom posting, vis-=E0-vis top posting, is
where your whole response comes at the end of your post.  Bottom
posting then is a special case of the more general inline posting (or
interleaved posting).


Re: Bad characters error, help requested

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Rarely is it helpful to do so. In this case copying and pasting a string
from an HTML document into a news reader makes no sense since the
encoding may differ, this may throw people resulting in "it works fine
for me" type responses.


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