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can still see the thread.


Excuse me for suddenly popping up unannounced in this forum, but as an
old friend of Alan Flavell's (since 1960) I can provide some of the
answers to various people's questions.  Most of the following came from
Alan himself, with some extra notes provided by his sister.  He didn't
want it widely known while he was still alive, but I guess there is no
harm in revealing it now.

Early in 2005 he was found to be suffering from myeloma -- a type of
bone cancer which is currently incurable, though treatment can extend
life for several years.  He was selected for the intensive pathway of a
relatively new treatment; in his own words: "i.e. for 'younger / fitter
patients' LOL".  He responded well, and was hoping that he would survive
long enough for newer, more effective treatments to be developed.

It wasn't to be.  In August he fell and broke his leg (presumably the
cancer had damaged the bone structure).  From then on he went downhill
fast, with total kidney failure and the cancer raging out of control --
even his consultant expressed his shock at the speed it happened.  He
died on the 30th November 2006, and I lost a very good friend.


Since I don't have access to much of the Glasgow University site, and I
would like to ask anybody who does whether the University posted an
obituary?  Does anyone know whether any local newspaper did?  And, did
anyone attend the funeral?  I would be grateful for all and any

BTW, in January this year I downloaded Alan's pages with HTTRACK.  So
there is in fact an extra copy available, which may be more up-to-date
than the April 2006 version mentioned in the forum.

Keith Wilkinson

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