Random display of 10 text / banners on a page??

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If you can help me, I'd be grateful.  Long story short...  I am looking
for cut/paste html code (that even a dummy like me can't screw up).
Here is what I want:

I want a web page to display ten (10) different text ads and/or banner
ads on the page.  However, I want the page to change the order of the
ten different ads each time it is displayed.  It can either randomly
select the order OR rotate the order of the ads so that everybody gets
an equal turn at being at the top of the page.  Whichever one is
easiest (i.e.  random / rotation) is fine with me.

If anybody knows the html code to do this, PLEASE PLEASE let me know...

Thanks GREATLY in advance!!

Re: Random display of 10 text / banners on a page??


Try searching google for something like: javascript random image

Link: http://www.google.com/search?q=javascript+random+image+rotation

There are many freely available Javascript solutions to this problem.

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Re: Random display of 10 text / banners on a page??


Quoted text here. Click to load it

But all the people without Javascript will always get the ads in the
same order. (Or more likely, given the quality of most Javascript on the
web, not at all. Something which I as a reader am not going to object
to, but an informed advertiser would.) If it's important to do it right,
do it server-side in something like PHP or JSP.

Stephen Poley

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