Question on frames within iframe and scrollbar issues

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I hope I can explain this.  To me it seems simple because I can
actually see the issue.

I have a page and then I have an iframe within that page.

bottom.location = "some_frameset_page.html";
   <iframe src="nothing.html" name="bottom" width="100%"
height="100%" />

Onload, the location is set to some other dynamic page.  The frameset
page has a left and right nav frames.

I am having issues with the "bottom" frame to fully have the correct
auto width and scrollbars.

For example.  With the code above, the bottom content expands fully to
the left and right and up and down, but the scrollbar is actually cut
in half?  Because the width is about 10 pixels to far to the right.
So the width is cut in half?

The height is also overflowing about 20-40 pixels.  So sometimes I
don't get to see the full content.

If I set the width to a fixed width/height I don't get the desired
effect of "auto width"

So, how can I avoid setting the iframe to a fixed width and still get
rid of the overflow/scrollbar-cut-in-half issue.

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