Question for USA based webmasters. Need some advice.

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Hello all,

I don't mean to exclude the rest of the world here, but I think this
will be more applicable for me.

What's the going rate for freelance web designing in the USA? I know it
probably varies from city to city, but I need a ball park idea. Do you
charge per hour? Per page? Per project?

I did a website for my son's private school. It's a small school with a
small budget. A web design student did their current website a few
years ago and it's horrible. I didn't receive any money, but they
granted me a small break on my son's tuition. It was a fun project for
me to do as it presented new opportunities to learn.

Now...a couple of board members liked the school website and are asking
me to make websites for their small businesses and other projects. They
insist on paying me a fee. I won't say no to money :>)   I gotta make
the tuition payments :>)

But I have no real idea as to how much to charge. Obviously, I'm not an
HTML expert like many on this NG. I need to be realistic. I can't (and
shouldn't) charge as much as a true experienced professional, but I
don't want to undercharge by a wide margin either. I don't want to be
too expensive or too cheap.

I think have a pretty good handle of HTML and CSS, but I do not know
how to write my own JavaScript. I don't (yet) know PHP, PERL, etc.
However, these project won't require that type of stuff. They will be
mainly be presentational, brochure type of sites. No flash, no
databases or online merchandising. These projects are well within my
capabilities. If I didn't feel I could do them, I'd be honest and tell
them to go elsewhere.

I know I'll probably get a lot of grief for asking this queston, but I
truly have nowhere to turn to find this stuff out. I don't know anyone
in the business. I've Googled, but I haven't really found any sites
that give concrete numbers. I don't know where else to turn.

I know that this is a bit off topic for this NG, so if you can point me
to another NG or website, that would be appreciated as well.

Viken K.

Re: Question for USA based webmasters. Need some advice. says...
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In a nutshell, what is your time worth to you?  I charge $50/hour for
straight HTML/CSS, $75/hour for javascript, PHP, ASP, etc.  I work in
the Chicago area and I am considered reasonable.

That said, in the past I have quoted against pricing of $25/hour or less
and in those cases about half the time I lose the job regardless of what
abilities I have to offer.  I don't let that bother me - I know what I
am worth.  I refuse to work for less than what I am worth.  I may lose a
few jobs, but in the end I will make more money with less work.

Re: Question for USA based webmasters. Need some advice.


Thanks for your reply and advice. I''ll mull it around in my head for a
while. :>)

Viken K.

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