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Re: Protect links

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
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Indeed so, but in 15 or so years of running a webserver with a target
audience of a few hundred thousand users, I've never had one mention of
things that didn't work with JavaScript disabled, despite there being
places (admittedly few) where this was the case.  It's called experience.

I would bet that you expect the sun to come up tomorrow based on a
comparable level of experience.

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I gave the OP the closest answer to the stated request. My solution hid
the URL's from more potential users than any of the other posts. I'm
rather pleased with my efforts and am at peace. I hope you are too, but
I worry that you may not be.

Steve Swift

Re: Protect links

On 1/20/2008 9:46 PM, Steve Swift wrote:
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The only published statistic on this that I've seen is that 6% of the
users disable JavaScript.  Yes, I agree, you can't get very far today
with it disabled.  In particular, banks and other financial institutions
require JavaScript if you want to do online transactions.

David Ross

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Re: Protect links

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This is why things like the NoScript plugin are so useful...  If I
don't know your web site, JavaScript is off; for my financial
institution, it's on.

Re: Protect links

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed David Stone

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Agreed, I only let a few sites have javascript enabled, one of them is
Evite (although I love the purpose of the site, I really hate using it).  
I also allow localhost.  My friend, who uses my computer a great deal of
time, has no idea what NoScript is, goes all over the Internet, and has
yet to tell me something didn't work because javascript was disabled.

So, there ya go.

Adrienne Boswell at Home
Arbpen Web Site Design Services
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Re: Protect links

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  Some years ago, I started to maintain a list of JavaScript
  related security issues. But so many reports came in via the
  media, that I have not enough time to keep it up to date.

  In 2006, I posted the following regarding this topic. Today,
  in 2008, some of the links might be outdated and the link list
  at the end is very incomplete (since 2006 many more reports
  came in), but possibly it still carries some information:

~~ now quoting my 2006 post:

  JavaScript might be used to validate input immediatly or to
  add support, but well educated web authors do this in such a
  manner that the main functionality can still be used without
  JavaScript: »Google«, for example, can be used without
  JavaScript, while JavaScript adds some features.

      »Content developers must ensure that pages are accessible
      with scripts turned off or in browsers that don't support
      scripts.« /

  A web based computer magazine I read usually reports about 2 - 4
  browser exploits and security holes a month and about 80 %
  of the time the advice is »until the manufacturer has a patch
  finished, the problem can be avoided by disabling JavaScript«. [1]

  In an October 2004 study, 80 % of home computers were found to
  be infected with spyware or adware, even though 85 % had
  antivirus software installed.

      »according to an alert issued Thursday by the U.S.
      Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), a division of
      the Department of Homeland Security (...) A CERT alert
      said Explorer users also can protect themselves by turning
      off the JavaScript function in their browsers. «

      »If JavaScript is enabled in these applications, then the
      system is vulnerable to exploitation.«

  Even Microsoft recommends to disable JavaScript:

      »Under Security level for this zone, move the slider to High.«

  And Microsoft recommends not to click on links (Yes!) but to
  type in URIs because of security risks by »javascript:«-links.

      »Do not click any hyperlinks that you do not trust.
      Type them in the Address bar yourself.«

  A selection of reports of security holes usually cured by
  disabling JavaScript and related reports (Sorry: in German

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