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i ve tree view in my website which works well in IE. but when i
open the same in Firefox it shows a border around the tree. how can i
avoid this. can some one help me please??

Re: Problem with Tree view wrote:

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Tell us the URL so we can see it.

Fix the HTML that is generated, so that it's good HTML that works

I doubt it's a "ASP.NET tree view". If it really is (maybe an ActiveX),
then stop using it it altogether - it's not appropriate to use such
proprietary things on the web.  What it's more likely to be is the
"tree view" on the server creating HTML that goes to the client and is
displayed there. Fix this in two stages, by looking at what this
intermediate HTML looks like. Fix that HTML so that it works, then fix
the server-side so that it generates the fixed HTML.

ASP has never been good at generated standards-based HTML that worked
outside M$oft. If you cut it down to a core set of features it's OK,
but otherwise there are too many of these "bells and whistles" controls
that look nice in one place but don't work widely.

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