Problem with rendering some colors when printing an HTML document by Internet Explorer

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When I open an HTML document by Internet Explorer 6 and then print the
document on a color inkjet printer, some of the colors are rendered
incorrectly (they appear much darker than they should be, almost

The exact version of IE is 6.0.2800.1106 (with all patches applied).
The printer is Canon S330. Examples of "suffering" colors are: "green",
"teal", "purple" (and the general impression is that anything near the
green and purple points on the color wheel gets distorted, darkened on

The "unlucky" colors suffer regardless of whether they are used for
fonts or for background. Interestingly, if an "unlucky" color appears
in an image (e.g. JPG-file), there is no any distortion on print. Also,
if I make a screen snapshot of the Internet Explorer's window
(Alt+PrintScreen), paste it to a drawing application (e.g. MS Paint),
and then pring the page's image from the drawing application --
everything looks fine on print. So it looks like it is Internet
Explorer's fault after all (not printer's)...
Anybody has any idea on how to fix this problem?

Thank you,

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