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There are 3 users in an office all using Internet Explorer 6+ to print
the same webpage (which uses CSS w/fixed font sizes) to the same

However, on one of the users print job the font size is increased and
it cuts off the side of the page.

The margins setting matches the other machines, but it still would not
explain why the font size would become larger on the single machine
(during print only).

Can anyone lend any insight as to why the font size would increase on
print for the one user?


Re: Printing Webpages

On 12 May 2005 13:23:39 -0700, wrote:

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Hardly, without a URL.

I have seen this before, where the CSS unsed font-family and a range of
sans-serif fonts. One machine didn't have the font that the others were
using, so it switched to the next fot on the list (correct behaviour).
However one of the comon M$oft sans-serif fonts has funny ideas about
sizing, relative to its colleagues.

Try slapping a simple "font-family: arial" over everything, and see if
that stops it - then investigate in more detail.

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