preserve line breaks in applet parameters

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it seems every time i pass some text through an applet parameter, say:

<PARAM name="mytext" value='

when i get the String, and print it out in the console window, it
never has the line breaks there.  Is there any way I can preserve the
line breaks so that they are represented the same way they are in the

If so, can some one explain exactly how?

Re: preserve line breaks in applet parameters wrote:

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Probably not -- or rather, not consistantly across different browsers. It
is the browser that parses the PARAM element, not the Java engine. The
browser will use its normal rules for parsing attribute values, which in
many browsers will treat any extent of (horizontal or vertical) whitespace
as being equivalent to a single space character.

Try something like:

    <PARAM name="mytext" value='|This|is|a|test|'>

and then using a regular expression (or such) in Java to replace '|'
chracters with '\n'.

Followups set to the Java groups for someone to post some example regular
expressions. (I would, but I can't remember how/if they work in Java.)

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