Presentational and Structural Elements

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an explanation of what
the difference between "structural" and "presentational" elements is.
thanks a lot.

Re: Presentational and Structural Elements

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I would it explain as follows:
- Anything for the sole purpose of influancing the looks of the content =
is  =

a presentational element; For example (tags) <b>, <i> and <u>.
- All the rest is structural, although in graphical browsers they do  =

influance the looks too; For example (tags) <strong> and <em>.

The structural elements do what the phrase suggests: they provide  =

structure. They are (in a way) semantic. A paragraph being a paragraph, =
a  =

list being a list, a heading being a heading.

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Re: Presentational and Structural Elements

thanks :) big help.

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