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A little poll for the week-end:
Which charset do you use for your website(s):
iso-8859-1 (...)?
just don't care?
What charset is better now, say, for European languages like french, german,

Re: [poll] which charset

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 00:36:29 +0100, nose wrote:

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US-ASCII.  I don't have any easy way to type anything other than those
characters, so anything beyond it has been typed in using character

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Theoretically, if you want to use non-ASCII characters directly, UTF-8.
You've got one scheme which should cover all languages, and not various
different ones with various degrees of proper support, and avoiding a
possible need to use multiple different charsets within a website.

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Re: [poll] which charset

Thanks for all your contributions.
As for me, I understand that utf-8 is the best option... at least in theory.

In practice, it seems that for west-european languages the majority of
websites are still using iso-8859-1, and I wonder if this will evolve very
soon. By experience, moving from one charset [I realise that I'm using this
term loosely] to the other is not so easy, and we can't expect the average
webdesigner to grasp all the options of recode.

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