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Quick question. What is the best college in Michigan to learn web site
design, expecially using PHP language.

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According to Google, that would be Michigan State University.


Ok, that's a joke. The first hit has nothing to do with your question.

That said, I have examined a couple of college courses on web design
over here 'round the Rochester NY area, and none of them are very good.
I am quite sure I could have asked each instructor what PHP is, and
gotten a blank stare. Now, ask them about FrontPage, and whoopie, they
know what I'm talkin' about.

What is your goal?  To produce pretty sites?  To write tight and
efficient server-side code?

Find a good PHP book at your local Borders or B&N. And:

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Do yourself a favour and spend that money on a couple of books.  A GREAT
book is "PHP and MySQL Web Development", by Welling and Thompson.  

That one book taught me enough to do good PHP work, and reading a couple of
others, and staying on top of new PHP versions / techniques through sites
mentioned at ,
and more have turned me into a pretty damn fine PHP-er, if i may say.

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My other post dealt with PHP more than "website design".  Again, I would
choose books, or websites for that matter.

You should learn according to spec. Make sure the tutorials/books you use
make extensive use of CSS.

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If you are someone a bit like me who wants to start on something NOW -
not buy books or read lengthy tutorials) I would follow something like this:

1)Get yourself a ready to run server package - I use NetServer available
at - has php 4 & 5 as well as perl mod_rewrite, and your other
normal stuff.

2) Have a read through some introductory info:- / /

3) And then get stuck into the manual. If you want to do
something specific put in a search at their site - nearly every module
and function has 50 or so practical, user-contributed examples. Failing
that search google =D - there is absolutely TONS of stuff out there
because it is so popular.

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