Pdf to html converters... some advice

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I couldn't think of a newsgroup more likely to have good answers to
the question `which of the many pdf to html converters are a good tool'.

I've tried about 6 today and all seemed poor for one reason or
another... but maybe my test file is the problem.

I'm trying to turn a bunch of pdf books I have into html, but keeping
any table of contents etc and displaying that in a comparable way.
It may sound kind of trivial but my reason to do this is simply to be
able to keep track of where my place is... bookmarks.  Even version 9
of the Adobe reader does not offer that functionality... at least I
don't see it.

Some of these files are a bit hefty like 500 pages in a few.
But most are more like 200 pgs or so.

I want to end up with pile of html pages that are organized like the
pdf was.  Where you can start with main.html and a see a Table of
Contents and etc ... like most books.  Or the intro then TOC etc.

I won't list the tools I've tried.. but in one way or another all of
them butchered my test file.  Or at least opening up the set of pages
was not comparable to opening the pdf file in terms of finding you way
around and having all links working etc.

Can anyone advocate a pdf to html conversion tool they can speak for
from experience.  I don't mind paying for a tool if it does what I
need. What I don't like is spending lots of time download, trying,
discarding etc.  Its a very time consuming and aggravating chore.

I'm hoping to cut out some the trials by listening to people who have
one way or another found s decent application that converts PDF to html.

Re: Pdf to html converters... some advice

Harry Putnam kirjoitti:

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It's been a while since I was searching for one myself. Could not find
anything that would be free and usable. Last year I found a PC with
Acrobat (can't remember the version, but it was not very old) installed
and I tried saving a pdf (containing toc and images) in all the
available flavors of markup languages that I could find in the Save As
dialog. Every result was unusable. I gave up then :(

Best wishes,

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