Passing value of textarea input as part of URL leaves out CR/LFs

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I have a dialog window that pops up from the main app browser window.
The window contains a form (name="savechanges") that includes an input
(name="sql") that is a textarea input.

The dialog window includes a button:

<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Test SQL" OnClick="javascript:openWin3('/cgi-

The intent is to start yet another browser window (intentionally full-
screen) and pass the URL, including as a parameter the contents of the
textarea input (sql).

function openWin3(URL){
var today= new Date();
var day= today.getDate();
var month= today.getMonth()+1;
var year= today.getFullYear();
aWindow ='&today='+month+'/'+day

The problem is that when the contents of the textarea input are
passed, it omits any and all carriage return/line feed characters that
are part of text in the textarea.  Only spaces are passed, in the form
of %20....

Ordinarily, when this form is executed, the GET method seems to pass
the information intact.  It's this extra Test button that's giving me


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