Padding Attribute for Tables and IE Problems

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Not sure whether the question is appropriate to the .html and/or
.stylesheets ng so I'm posting to both.

I have been trying to find a solution to a problem regarding adding of
the padding attribute to an HTML table (not the cells).

I created a very simple page (both manually and via Front Page) with a
table border and padding to demonstrate the problem. The basic style
code is as follows:

table {  padding:20px ; border:1px ; border-color:brown ;
border-style:solid ; background-color:gray ;}

When the page is rendered on the latest versions of browsers on MacOS X
(Safari, Firefox, SeaMonkey, IE 5.2.3), the table border and the table
padding appears as expected around the perimeter of the cell grouping.

However, with IE6 on Windows, the table border is always next to the
cells and the padding attribute never appears.

I am aware that IE has had issues with the box model in revisions prior
to IE6, but my understanding is that these were related to how IE
calculated the size of the box around an element (cell widths, cell
spacing, table padding and borders).

I've tried both strict and transitional and get the same results. Coding
up a padding attribute in a "div" style and wrapping a <DIV> around the
HTML <table> has no effect either.

Is this a known issue with IE/Windows ? Is anyone aware of any
workarounds for this ?



Re: Padding Attribute for Tables and IE Problems

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After first having posted in alt.html a few hours ago, not getting an
immediate answer is no excuse to then multi post.


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