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This is not an HTML question but I'm not sure where else I can ask it so
I'll risk some flames and ask it anyway. If you can suggest a better place
to ask it, don't be shy about telling me where that is.

I'm building a website for a reading group in which I am a member. The
website will contain information on when we meet, what the upcoming meeting
topics are, how the club works, etc. etc. with each major topic on a
separate page. There will be an index (constructed with CSS) on the left of
the screen; the rest of the page will contain the current page of the
website. Therefore, if you are on the home page and click the page for the
meeting topics in the index, the home page is replaced with the meeting
topics page.

I'm trying to think of some graphics I can use to keep the pages from being
all text but I'm at a loss to think of what sort of graphic to use. I don't
want anything that is going to distract viewers from the main message, which
is in the text, just something quiet and a little understated to emphasize
that this is a site for a reading group. I had the idea of using still
pictures of books or bookshelves but this seems a bit _too_ dull. Animated
books opening and closing would seem likely to distract from the text.

Our club reads a very broad range of general fiction and even the occasional
non-fiction book so we're not focused on one single genre like mystery or
science fiction, otherwise I'd have a mystery or science fiction theme in
the graphics.

Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of graphics I could use?


Re: Need graphics suggestions

Rhino wrote:
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I'm not sure either, but perhaps c.i.w.a.site-design?

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I've been pondering a somewhat related scenario myself recently, for a
history-related site.

It might be a bit of a design clich=E9, but what about boxed quotations
from a few works?  You could do that as a simple CSS box, or as a
cropped graphic of part of a page, or a couple of each, obviously
depending on the length of your content and so forth.  Other ideas
might be a jpeg of someone reading, whether by themselves or outloud as
an author might at a reading (if you see what I mean).  Another idea
might be a heavily cropped graphic showing not much more than a random
word from the page of a book; or perhaps using some of the flowery
adornment seen in some books.

There's really two different needs that you want to meet, which would
need to be met with different solutions.  One is to illustrate in a
somewhat literal sense what the site and/or reading group's about; the
other is very much more abstract and is simply to provide a bit of
accenting or variety to the page text.

And I agree with you heartily about avoiding animated graphics!


Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

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More a question for comp.infosystems.www.authoring.site-design

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Only you know what you like/want. Browse some rights free image CDs or
repositories for ideas.


Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

Rhino wrote:
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(You then went on to give several other good reasons for *not* putting
any graphic on the page, including that your visitors' principal
interest is reading.)

You seem to have the view that a website can't be much good if it has no
graphics. I guess that's not *really* what you think; but perhaps you
think that's what others will think. I'm not sure that's true, although
it does seem to be the view of a majority of  commercial website operators.

Can I suggest that, since you have no graphic to put on the site, you
restrict yourself to making it a really good, visually-attractive,
well-designed text-only website, one that could have graphics on it if
only some suitable graphic were to materialise? In due course, perhaps
some member of your group will volunteer a suitable image, and you can
then gratefully accept it and plug it in.


Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:07:51 +0100 from Jack
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A page of just text does look boring, even to me. Most of my pages
are just that.

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Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

To further the education of mankind, "Rhino"

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I suggest nudes.  -Full beavs, buttshots, whatever.  That way, even if the
text is doggone boring, who cares?

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Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

Rhino wrote:

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How about playing with the text? Somebody else suggested some "pull
quotes" with a box around them. You could also add some "drop caps" on
the first letter of leading paragraphs (investigate the "first-letter"


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Re: [OT] Need graphics suggestions

Thank you all for your suggestions!

You've given me some interesting ideas. I'll mull them over a bit and see if
I can figure out how to combine the best of them.

I've also posted a somewhat shorter version of my question at
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.site-design. I wasn't aware of that newsgroup
so thanks for telling me about it. I'm not sure if they will give me useful
ideas though; that group seems to have a pretty low volume and most of it is


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