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I would be interested in articles on markup of organisation trees in an
html document, other than as an image.


Re: Organisation Charts

boclair wrote:
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Jukka has one: "Accessible org charts on web pages" See:



Nick Theodorakis
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Re: Organisation Charts

Nick Theodorakis wrote:
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Thanks.  I had seen this which deals with achieving accessibility.

Since JK references his article to the use of an image,  I should take
it that html/css is limited without a lot of nested table layouts?

I find that there are some server side scripting solutions for creating
the html chart that looks promising.


Re: Organisation Charts

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006, boclair wrote:

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An org.chart could be regarded (very loosely speaking) as tabular
data.  I wouldn't dismiss it as mere "layout".

However, fitting even a simple one into an HTML table is more than a
little fiddly.  Where there are cross-relationships - rather than
simple hierarchical ones - it rapidly gets out of hand.

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The acid test of any solution is what it produces as its end product
(i.e the served-out HTML document and any accompanying stylesheet).
No matter how clever the script may be, it can't produce anything that
could not, at least in principle, be hand coded.  

Naturally, if the end result *is* worth having, then I'm all in favour
of a labour-saving way of producing it.  I'm just cautioning against
accepting a scripted solution merely because it's scripted.


Re: Organisation Charts

Alan J. Flavell wrote:
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Thanks for helping me think through this problem.

Yes.  It is those relationships in dealing even with a low complexity
organisational structure which create a something of a markup nightmare
especially when it is needed, for display purposes, to contract parts of
the tree and expand others.

I take the point that an organisation chart could be considered tabular
but one of the problems with tables are that they are rather inflexible.
  It doesn't required much of a change to the displayed data before the
table has to be replaced with entirely new markup.

I thought the benefit of server side scripting would be, with a database
backend, that it would assist in getting some flexibility into
variations to the markup.  It is not proving easy nor within cost
parameters at the moment.

Falling back on the old method of using a suite of images and image
mapping is looking more and more attractive both in production
complexity and cost.


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