Opera vs. IE (Safari is fine as usual?)

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"Opera Takes Browser War to EU"

"Microsoft strikes back at Opera antitrust claims"

All is fine and nothing is new - including the nearly 5 years fallacy
that prevents me to fully agree with all these attacks. Because for
nearly 5 years we have another proprietary OS producer with their
proprietary browser shipped as the default browser with each OS
istallation: and no one seems be bothered with this freedom of choice
violation. I mean MacOS and Safari
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safari_ (web_browser)

If Opera is really worried about ability of users to choose a right
browser then the claim should go to both Microsoft and Apple. Let it
be like in 1998 with several browsers installed, say IE, Fx, Opera on
Windows and Safari, Camino, Opera on MacOS. I don't believe too much
that OS producers would go for it but at least it would be a fair
claim. Otherwise it looks like just another attempt of a company to
get some extra bucks or two from Microsoft using EU commissions as a
"racketeering team".

Re: Opera vs. IE (Safari is fine as usual?)

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Mac OS is not in a dominant position on the desktop, and Safari is
standards compliant. This is not really about bundling, but about anti-
competitive practices. The situation for Apple isn't even close to
being comparable to that of Microsoft.

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Except Opera isn't going to make any money since it isn't even a
lawsuit, but an antitrust complaint.

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