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Re: What's the big deal about new Windows?

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Okay.  I hear your points.

On my "links" page, when you click on a link to someone else's site it
opens in a new window.  To me that seems like a good thing.  But am I
hearing that all cases where you open a new window are bad?


Re:What's the big deal about new Windows?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Viken Karaguesian"

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For someone like me, who uses mouse gestures, it's a PITA.  There I am
happily gesturing back, and nothing is happening.  _Then_ I look up and see
the back button is dimmed.  I hate that.

Now, I don't mind small informational pop-ups that _I_ click on too much,
because they are obvious.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: What's the big deal about new Windows?

Viken Karaguesian wrote :
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Nr 1 reason: the code that opens new windows is very often poorly
written (1), therefore interferes with my browser extensions,
right-click/context menu, etc..
Proof of this:

100% of all "javascript:" pseudo-protocol links interfere with browser
prefs, extensions.

Nr 2 reason: the code does not announce itself in the page. So the user
always/often gets surprised, deceiving his preferences (for say, opening
in a tab, not in a window). The user is prevented from being able to
control the way *he* prefers to open links.

Nr 3 reason: opening new window is clearly slower, more
resource-demanding for the browser

Nr 4 reason: the new window lacks toolbars, resizability, no scrollbars
present despite document box overflowing viewport dimensions, etc..

Unable to Maximize or Resize Internet Explorer Pop-Up Windows;en-us;211068

This lead browser manufacturers to reverse the situation:

"Script-initiated windows will be displayed fully, with the Internet
Explorer title bar and status bar. (...)
Internet Explorer has been modified to not turn off the status bar for
any windows. The status bar is always visible for all Internet Explorer
windows. (...)"
Fine-Tune Your Web Site for Windows XP Service Pack 2, Browser Window
Restrictions in XP SP2

"We think the address bar is also important for users to see in pop-up
windows. A missing address bar creates a chance for a fraudster to forge
an address of their own. To help thwart that, IE7 will show the address
bar on all internet windows to help users see where they are." coming
from IE 7 Blog, Better Website Identification

More reasons at:


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99% of the time, I'd say that links opening new windows are badly
written, poorly written, not following usability guidelines,
accessibility guidelines provided by people or groups like J. Nielsen,
WAI, So, they interfere with the users capabilities of
accessing those windows, using those windows.

One example out of 100 ones: I increase the font size of a popup window
and then scrollbars do not appear but the document box gets greater than
the window dimensions. So, visually, I do not see a vertical scrollbar
so I am not aware there is more content down the window. The result? You
lose a sale because I couldn't find the price of your product... at the
bottom of your popup window.

Another example: I set my browser to a minimum font size. I get a popup
from a site. I can not resize my browser because the call
made the window non-resizable. How stupid! The site removed a normal,
default, standard functionality in all browser window in a popup.
Consider that I, as an user, can not remove the browser window
resizability of my browser. Same thing with menubar. As an user, I can
not remove it when using MSIE 6: how come you, as a scripter, can remove
the menubar of the visitors being served a popup when clicking a link?
In other words, the scripter has more power over the user
than the user has over his own browser. A clear obvious imbalance and

Another reason and a major one: focusability of secondary windows. You
can read the phenomenon explained here:

and the proposal (under the heading "Focusing a secondary window and the
target attribute") I made at:

I once checked all the page providing a popup coder webpage in
javascript copy-N-paste sites, popup writing code webpages, popup
generators, etc. and they all had problems, had inaccuracies, and some
were plain wrong.


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Re: Opening Links in a new window. What's the "right" way?

Fri, 30 Dec 2005 13:30:51 -0500 from Viken Karaguesian
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How do you move at 100 miles an hour while staying in the same place?

Those are incompatible goals.

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Re: Opening Links in a new window. What's the "right" way?

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I realize now that that's the case. :>)

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