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I've got a WebApp or Dashboard or Widget or whatever the nom du jour
is.  It sits in the corner of the screen displaying data as needed,
prodded by external events.

It's a browser window with no menu, address, status, etc bars running
a little JavaScript to keep itself fresh.

The problem is that on some users' machines, clicking a link in an e-
mail will open the link's page in my WebApp's window rather than
opening a new browser instance.

The app's window is named on creation (i.e. target="something" in an
open() function)

Does anybody know how I can protect my App's browser window from being

I've tried googling for an answer but "protect browser window from URL
hijack" goes down a whole different path.



Re: Open Your Own Darn Window!

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Check for an option that specifies whether a tab/window is reused. In
Opera, it's Preferences > Advanced > Tabs > Reuse current tab.
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Re: Open Your Own Darn Window!

On 26 Apr 2007 17:52:46 -0700, wrote:

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Unfortunatly that is pretty much dependant on how the browser
intereperates the code =[.

You're best bet would probably be to either
a) Put the e-mail address in plain-text or
b) have the widget window open another window which contains the link

Both are not ideal but at least you can keep your widget open

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