Old Website Opens in New Website's Main Frame

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I'm having a really odd issue.  Recently my company has upgraded our
data server.  For a couple of months I'm having to host two versions of
the same website on our webserver until the new data server is placed
in production.  Basically, on the same webserver, I have "Website_Old"
which pulls its data from our old data server.  I now also have a
mirror version of the same website on the same webserver named
"Website_New", but this one pulls its data from the new data server.
Seems simple enough.  Now here's where it gets wierd...

The home page of each site is a frames page (header, footer, left
button column, and content frames).  This works fine on Website_Old.
However, when I open Website_New the entire Website_Old loads into the
Main frame (contents frame) of the new website!  It's the entire old
website displaying within the main frame of the new website!  When I
click the Refresh button in the browser the old website goes away and
everything works fine.  And, when I drag and drop a shortcut to the new
website from the address bar to my desktop and open it from there it
works fine on the first load.

I've tried clearing my cache and temporary files, setting IIS 6.0 to
expire the page instantly, have created a header in IIS 6.0 for
no-cache, and have searched every line of HTML in the website looking
for a reference to the old website.  Nothing has worked.  I'm thinking
this has nothing to do with a caching problem, but something else that
I'm overlooking.  I wish I could just move away from frames, but that
wasn't budgeted into the conversion time.  I'm stuck with the site as
is and need to make it work.  Has anyone seen something like this and
know a solution???

Thank you!

Cory Ferguson

Re: Old Website Opens in New Website's Main Frame

crferguson@gmail.com wrote:
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Dear sir,
On the frameset page, when you reference each of the frame source URLs,
do the URLs look similar for both the old and new website?  If so, then
the loading of the frame may be conflicting with the old web page.  You
might try renaming the content frame of the new page so that it is
something completely different from everything else, and so that the
browser or server doesn't confuse the old page(s) with the new page(s).
How are you differentiating the old and new pages?  This may also play
a role in your current problem.

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Re: Old Website Opens in New Website's Main Frame

Thank you very much for your reply on this.  I tried your suggestion of
renaming the frames with obscure names and it did not work.  I'm
thinking this has to do with the websites having very similar names and
being hosted on the same server.

I still have yet to figure out why the old website is being opened in
the content frame of the new website.  It's the only site on our web
server that uses frames so I don't have another site to compare to.
I'm thinking I'm going to have to redevelop the site without frames,
but would love to resolve this issue without resorting to that.  I'm
going to try renaming the new website and it's root directory to a name
completely different than the new site and see what happens.

In the meantime, if anyone happens to have seen this issue before and
knows the cause, please post it here!

Thank you again!

pegasusflightresources@gmail.com wrote:
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