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I need also all codes in one place

Re: ok

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I think you need to post a bit more detail and use a more useful
subject line. Most people probably didn't even bother downloading your
message because 'ok' doesn't tell them anything about what you're
asking. The fact that your message body doesn't tell us what you're
asking either only compounds the problem.


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Re: ok

Steve Pugh wrote:
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From the OPs headers:
Organization: http://groups.google.com

nuff said?
plonking anything posted through gg seems more appropriate every day.

Reply email address is a bottomless spam bucket.
Please reply to the group so everyone can share.

Re: ok

kchayka wrote:
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See sig:

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Re: ok

@yahoo.com enlightened us with...
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The magic 8 ball sez...
"not likely"

Oh, darn.

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the end.

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