object tag and width/height in ie

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I'm embedding a video at my site. I'm using the <object> tag and embed an
<embed> tag into it like
proposed in many tutorials.

This is working for FF and IE with no problem at all.

But: The tag is used in situations, where I don't know the dimension of the
video. So I tried to
leave the width and height attributes. This is working for FF. FF assigns a
size, that is exactly
matching the room needed for the video and controls. IE seems to use some
"default" dimension then I
guess, that is not related to the videos dimension at all (and even very small).

Is there a way of letting the browser detect, what room this object needs, like
FF already does it?

Thanks for hints. I googled for this, but perhaps I used the wrong keywords. I
found nothing on this


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