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   I am contemplating the creation of a personal family "newsletter" Web
site - one that will be ordered by yearly events within my family.  To
save myself a lot of trial and error, I wonder if there is any
"preferred" template for such a site.  My main concern is how to display
textual narrative (not multi-column), and I want to insert pictures at
various places.  Any thoughts?  TIA

Re: Newsletter Template (Mike Copeland) wrote:

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No, there is no preferred template.

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An excellent HTML element to use for textual narrative (which I take to
mean a set of words that forms sentences that describe things in this or
some other world) is the paragraph element, P. You can take advantage of
the many levels of heading elements too, H1, H2, H3 etc. If you use just
these two things for text, you will do very well indeed and neither
confuse yourself nor others.

As for how to insert pictures. May I suggest simply floating them within
the paragraphs. There are no rules for whether to float left or right
but you have to choose one or the other.


You might consider to prepare pics that go on the left to "face" into
the right, rather than to be "going off" or "facing off" the page.


Your navigation system might well be an HTML list element and consist of
dates and/or event types.


Re: Newsletter Template

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From a markup viewpoint, which admittedly is the topic of this group,
Dorayme already provided excellent advice.

However, since the intended usage of your site seems to be rather
bloggish, I would like to suggest looking at a blog system, such as
WordPress (which I use). This might save you many hours of design, markup
and style work that you would otherwise spend reinventing the wheel, so to

Thor Kottelin /

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Re: Newsletter Template

Thor Kottelin wrote:

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Dorayme may be relied on for good advice and help that goes way beyond the
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Based on Mike's needs, I'd say that Wordpress is the closest thing to a
perfect solution. It's free, easy to install, and may be customized without
the need for extensive authoring capabilities..

Ed Jay (remove 'M' to reply by email)

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