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Greetings HTML Gurus!

I work on an online version of a small newspaper. Each issue has about 20
articles and many have captioned images.  I use a table to implement the
captioned text and wrap text around the table.  I have found that the space
between the bottom of the caption and the wrapped text varies with the size
of the image, browser type, user-selected text size, platform, phase of the
moon and color of my socks.

Is there any clever code that will reduce the space variation?

In anticipation,
Len Stephan

P.S.  FYI, In the interest of uniformity I already only wear red socks and
restrict my coding to times when the moon is full.

P.P.S.  My S.O. thinks I am being anal about this issue.

P.P.P.S.  My S.O. sometimes skips her meds.

Re: Newbie Text Wrap Question

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Tables should not be used for layout, they are for marking up tabular
content, an image in one row and a caption in another row does not
constitute tabular data.

Opinions vary on what markup to use for a picture and caption combo, I
recommend this:

<p class="somethingappropriate"><img ... alt="Alt

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Naturally, text flows into line boxes, these line boxes have a height.
The combined height of a floated image & caption combo will rarely add
up to an exact multiple of the line height of the text that flows around
it, hence you'll get variations in the margin beneath the caption and
the text flowing beneath it. This is normal behaviour, attempts to get
more uniform behaviour by specifying the line height as a pixel value
will result in a badly broken page.


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