newbie mobile web authoring questions

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Hi all,

I'm developing a site specifically for mobile phones, following the W3C
Best Practices guidelines. I'm building a fairly static site in XHTML
Basic. I'd like to know how to accomplish a couple of things, but am
not clear on how to proceed and can't seem to find a clear answer via
searching. Any advice from more seasoned developers would be greatly

I'd like to create "dialable" links to phone numbers, so that when a
mobile user clicks on the number it's dialed without him or her having
to manually enter the number. A couple of sites suggest this:

<a href="wtai://wp/mc;1234567890">123-456-7890</a>

But it seems like wtai isn't universally supported... some other sites
suggest that newer devices will autoconvert any 10 digit string into a
phone link. My question: what's the best way to accomplish this,
without having to adapt to too many specific devices or device classes?
Is there anything in XHTML that does it?

My next question is similar: how to allow the site to send a text
message to the recipient? I understand the need for caution here
(privacy/security and the fact that many pay for messages) and the need
to make sure the visitor understands that. But I'm really looking for
the actual syntax/mechanics of how to send one. Is this a
device-specific function? Is there anything that will accommodate a
varied device set (a default context or lowest common denominator)
without too much adaptation?


Mike M.

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