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Re: New Window

SimonFx wrote:
> Kris wrote:
>>> Everyone else has jumped in with "No, never" but I would say only for
>>> non web documents, such as PDF or (gasp!) MS Word.

Just because you're linking to such files, is certainly not a reason to
open a new window.

>> That will leave some users, like me, with a downloading file and an
>> empty extra window.

Indeed. Especially for Word files, since I don't use IE, they would
always lauch Word seperately to view them, leaving me with an empty
browser window (except for the fact that I've disabled new windows from
opening in my browser, but not everyone knows how to).  Anyway, I never
like opening word files directly like that, I always save them to disk
and virus scan them before opening, so a new empty window would really

>> <a href="file.pdf">My resume</a> (PDF, 20KB)

I'd never included the size when linking to a PDF before, but that's
probably a good idea.  Thanks for the tip.

> Sometimes it is good to make choices for your clients.

Yes, it can be when such decisions enhance usability and/or help the
user to make a more informed decision, but when it comes to opening a
new window, such a decision should always be left up to the user.

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Re: New Window

kristiaan@xs4all.netherlands enlightened us with...
> Perhaps make it clear upfront what the link leads to, so your visitor is
> more likely to make an informed decision, instead of making the decision
> for them.
> <a href="file.pdf">My resume</a> (PDF, 20KB)

As a user, I'd like to say that I REALLY appreciate it when a site warns me
about non-HTML files, such as PDFs, because sometimes I don't want to deal
with them. And I don't like them to open in new windows. I also really
appreciate it when the site lets me control my own windows. I use Firefox and
I like to open my stuff in new tabs, not new windows.
I appreciate the warning even more when I'm on my Unix workstation.  ;)

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