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I'm trying to learn HTML and have run across a problem that I can't figure
out. I'm sure it's a no brainier for you learned guru's, but for me it's
stumping. I have a path on my computer as such:

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Web Pages\Lemon Pie Filling
("Lemon Pie Filling" is a Word Document)

 When I try to reference it in my web page like so;

 <P><A HREF="C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Web Pages\Lemon
Pie Filling">Lemon pie filling</A></P>

it opens to "The page cannot be displayed". If I remove the   \Lemon Pie
Filling   it opens to Web Pages. What do I need to do to have it open the
Microsoft Word Document?

Re: New to HTML


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You mention it is a Word document. I assume you have set your explorer  
_not_ to display the extentions of known file types. For Word the  
extention is .doc. If you add .doc to the whole of the address it might  
work fine.

Some notes though:
- As long as you are experimenting locally, it is fine to link to files of  
very specific type, like from Office programs. As soon as you go publish  
on the world wide web (www) you have to remember that many people out  
there may not have the same applications you have, and thus they will not  
be able to open the specific documents. Especially if you leave them sit  
on your hard drive ;-)
- It is a good habit to fill in the spaces in document names with 20%.  
Your file name would then be Lemon%20Pie%Filling.doc.
- A path name on the www translates in to a URL. In a URL the slashes are  
fo)rward. Furthermore you include the protocol you use. The URL would  
therefore be:  
- To avoid problems with certain web servers who distinct capitals from  
undercast, it is best to keep all names and 'paths' in undercasts (so you  
don't have to remember which files had a capital where, and which didn't).  
So, finally, your URL would be (when published):

And I do hope you publish because I can't resist lemon pie :-)

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Re: New to HTML

Dick Worland wrote:

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In future, please get to the point in the first sentence. Preferably in
the Subject line too. Nobody is interested in whether you are new to
HTML, but the topic of your question might interest some people.

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The paths on your computer are rather irrelevant to HTML authoring for
the WWW.

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You are trying to do the wrong thing anyway, since the file system of
your computer is not part of the WWW, and any resources there are
accessible to you only (and maybe in your home network or other local

Why don't you tell what you are trying to accomplish, instead of
describing some attempt at doing something that cannot possibly
accomplish anything on the WWW?

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You can link to a Word document on the WWW like any other document on
the WWW. For example,

<p>I have an excellent <a href="lemon-pie-filling.doc">lemon
pie filling recipe</a>.</p>

(Of course, you would need to put the Word document under that name onto
a the same directory where the referring HTML document is. This works
both locally, when the directory is on your computer, and on the WWW,
when it is on a web server.)

But why would you do that? You have HTML, the flexible hypertext format,
at your disposal.

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