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Hi All,

We have a CGI program that sends out email to out clients.  In it, it
places a small form at the bottom of the email so that the client can
forward the email to another client.  We keep stats on this.

Anyhow, when we attempt to use the form, we get the following behavior:
 The email IS sent, however, an error is returned about the forwarding
address being invalid.  And when we try to look at the content passed
into the CGI program, it's empty??  Yet the email IS forwarded.

The form is processed via the POST method.

Is there something strange about Netscape Messenger and HTML Forms that
we should be aware of???

Thanks for any pointers


Re: Netscape - Form Question

   at 09:35 AM, said:

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That won't work for clients whose e-mail software doesn't support
imbedded HTML, or who have turned off support for imbedded HTML for
security reasons. It might also cause you're e-mail to be incorrectly
rejected as spam.

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