Nested table issues

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Hi, I have a problem with nested tables. My main table is three
columns. The table width is 750, with columns of 150,10,100%.

Inside the 100% column is another table with a width of 100%. This
table (or its contents appear to squeeze the left hand column down to
the minimum possible size. Why would this occur?

The url for this is

Also, my table structures seem really complicated. Is there a better
way of positioning information on pages.

Re: Nested table issues

Since you're new to tables, allow me to recommend using divs and CSS to
control the positioning of elements on your document. A table has many
uses, but once you get the hang of using divs for positing, you'll see
the #1 reason to use a table is not layout control, but for displaying
data, the way it was intended.

There are many great articles and references for CSS based positioning,
here are a few (thanks to google): I only quickly scanned them but they
appear to touch the major topics.

Good Luck,
Ben Long

p.s. btw: Your tables are not working correctly because you're mixing
absolute and relative sizes as properties in the same table. Try using
only fixed widths or only relative widths. You could try adding an
invisible .gif in the tables you don't want to shrink down.
<img src="ghost.gif" width="200" height="1">

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