nested table and site layout problems

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can someone look at
and tell me why the text in the content section is appearing midway down the
page instead of lines up with the Ks in the nav section?

I am having a heck of a time splicing my images in photoshop and making it
look right in the html.

Re: nested table and site layout problems

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I also tryed a CSS version as the IRC guys wouldn't help me until I
conformed. It has a bunch of gaps that I don't understand why they are
showing up. that page can be viewed at

Being new to CSS I am having a real rough time lining things up.

Re: nested table and site layout problems

christopher wrote:
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Find some basic CSS tutorials, but _good_ ones with decent technical
content (bluerobot ?). Forget "trying to make a particular layout" for
the moment, just try and make something that's "two columns, with a
menu" or similar and get that working first.  This isn't actually that
easy to do really well, from scratch, so take a working existing
version and modify it to suit.

Dump the <table>  You've done this now - good move.

Dump absolute positioning in CSS, especially by setting things in pixel
units. It's not robust with different text sizes, so use ems or %

Don't use repeated whitespace or repeated <br> to try to control

Start thinking about "fluid design" and what your site would loook like
through a non-desktop screen (mobile phone, games console etc)

Re: nested table and site layout problems

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What Andy said.

We don't really know what "problem" you're trying to solve (in the
larger sense, I mean; your smaller question is clear). But your page is
messy and unclear, and that's before you put any actual content on it!
Simplify your life. I mean, when you look at the source, and locate the
fourth </tr> from the end, how long does it take to figure out which
table row it closes off? And next, what does that table row *represent*?

The simple, explicit answer to your simple, explicit question (and I
hate to tell you this, because you might ignore Andy's wise advice) is
that alignment in a table cell defaults to middle. Your cell to the
left, the one with kkkkk and the year's supply of dots, is aligned the
same way. So, you'd get closer by setting valign="top" on the right
cell, but I join Andy in suggesting you not waste time doing this.
(You'd next notice that it STILL doesn't line up, because of your 60px
margin. Etc.)

Go back. Simplify your life. Think about what the content is, and the
look you'd prefer to suggest for it. Probably, a table is not part of
the best answer. And finally: good luck!


Re: nested table and site layout problems

christopher ha escrito lo siguiente el 12/06/2006 04:52:
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try adding
on that td

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