Need to borrow your brain for large

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  • Dear Dudes,

    I post this in multiple groups for opening brain storm.

    Sometime I need to query the data from database server then display them
    into user's browser in HTML <table>. But if the <table> is very LARGE,
    let's say 20 columns, hundreds rows. Usually you have header <th> tags
      on 1st (top) row and 1st (most left) column. For a such LARGE <table>.
    you really want:

    1) When scroll the vertical scroll bar, you want the top row header
    <thead> stay in the same position, the rest of rows are move up/down
    (this will include the most left column).

    I am success doing this part.

    2) When you scroll the horizontal scroll bar, you want the most left
    column stay in the same position, the rest of columns are move
    left/right (this will include the top header row).

    I don't know how to do this part, need to borrow your brain for help!
    Thank Q very much in advance!

    You can check out my test page from

    Here is basicly what I do

    <html><title>Scrollable Table</title><head>
    <script language="JavaScript">
    var preRow = null;
    function changeRow(thisRow) {
        if (preRow != null)
            preRow.bgColor = "white";
        thisRow.bgColor = "cyan";
        preRow = thisRow;
    <style type="text/css">
    tbody { max-height: 30em; overflow: auto; }
    th { background-color: lightgrey; }
    th.left { background-color: cyan; }

    <table border=1 width="100%">

    <tr><th class="left">col1,row1</th>..... <th>coln,row1</th></tr>

    <tr onClick="changeRow(this)">
    <th class="left">col1,row2</th><td>col2,row2</td>......
    <tr onClick="changeRow(this)">
    <th class="left">col1,rown</th><td>col2,rown</td>......


    I prefer doing this by CSS, HTML/DHTML/XDHTML, XML and little
    Javascript. Java <applet> Swing JTable will be last resource,
    because user has different browser, some not support Java 1.x.
    And load large data into *.jar for <applet> will take time.

    I did some Google search, I found two sites doing this by JavaScript.
    But I prefer not to load huge file, run the JavaScript on client site.
    I prefer load plain text HTML from server. Of cource, I'll keep mind
    open use JavaScript grid as 2nd choice.

    Here are those two good sites: /

    Above site the most left column is label in sequence row number, like
    preadsheet. Not very good.

    Re: Need to borrow your brain for large

    Quoted text here. Click to load it
    Big mistake! It is bad Usenet netiquette to crosspost to many different
    newsgroups on the same problem, especially such diverse ones. The netiquette
    people are going to be all over you....

    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Then I strongly suggest that you keep your problem out of the* newsgroups until you have thoroughly explored CSS,
    HTML/DHTML/XDHTML, XML and Javascript to see if they can help you with your

    I certainly don't want to be bothered trying to show you how this problem
    can be solved via Java if you don't want to use Java in the first place.

    Quoted text here. Click to load it
    You don't normally load data of the kind you are describing into jars. It is
    much more common to access data from databases like MySQL or DB2 via JDBC,
    rather than storing the data in jars. After all, the data will presumably be
    changing regularly so you will always want to access the "latest and
    greatest" data; the best place to do that is in a database.

    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    I am relatively sure that the behaviour you want can be accomplished fairly
    easily in Java via JTables but I am not going to waste time describing this
    if you don't want to use Java in the first place.

    Why don't you try the other approaches first, then come back to if the other approaches don't work to your satisfaction?


    Re: Need to borrow your brain for large

    wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted someone who said :

    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    There are ways of doing that with CSS/HTML but they are pretty flaky.
    I tried many of the hacks and gave up because, every browser behaves a
    different way.

    Take the bull by the horns and put an Applet in JAWS app in your
    client with a JTable and a TableModel. Then you can make it do tricks
    like  a circus pony.
    Canadian Mind Products, Roedy Green. Java custom programming, consulting and coaching.

    Re: Need to borrow your brain for large

    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Consider a JVM 1.1 Applet as virtually everyone has that, and then
    your can build an application rather than a web page.  In your example
    your data appears to include:
      1. Temp:  Readings, Avg, Max, Min
      2. Wind Speed: Readings, Hr Avg, Daily Avg, Peak
      3. Wind Direction: Readings, Hr Avg, Daily Avg, @ Peak

    With an applet you can download the readings and build all else
    on the client machine and present it anyway you want including
    scrollable tables and graphs, and the graphs can be scrolled
    and the scale changed.  You could add movable brackets to
    a graph so user could get Avg, Min, Max, etc over any period

    And the applet can download very compact data.  As one example,
    I had several tables which as a text file was 85K, as a binary file
    was 15K which packed into a Jar as 5K.

    You could pack the readings into binary and then to zip files by say
    month, or quarter, or whatever is best for the application, and an
    applet can spawn threads to download additional files while
    working on initial data.

    A TMY hourly weather file for a given city for a while year is approx
    146K in binary and 72K as zip.  An applet can unpack zip files and
    can decode binary, e.g. TMY weather files.

    So, your initial request was help building same-old, same-old,
    web page w/ a little jazz via a scrollable table.  With applets you
    can consider building an application, and they are much more
    valuable to your users.



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