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Re: Need help spamming

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Don't think you are too old to be a prosty-toot.
There are always customers for go-getters who are willing to do an honest
day's (night's) work for an honest day's pay.


Re: Need help spamming

posted something that included:

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Honest? "Scooter" is a cross-dresser who calls himself Jenny....

  If we're losing 40-130 species a day,
  How come nobody can itemize them?
  And why can't fruitflies be one of them?

Re: Need help spamming

Writing in  
 From the safety of the  cafeteria

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On usenet, you (the collective) are exactly what I want you to be.

William Tasso

Save the drama
for your Mama.

Re: Need help spamming

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", William Tasso
finally proclaimed:

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Erm... didn't "Paul" say that the OP was a cross-dresser who calls
himself Jenny? I thought that *was* what you wanted? :s

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Re: Need help spamming a écrit :
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I have 10M addresses and I will send it to you one by one. What is your
email address?

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Re: Need help spamming

   at 05:02 AM, said:

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You should be able to buy such a list from the RNC. Go to
< and click on "genuine".

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I doubt that anyone can help you here, but I'm sure that the nice
folks at alt.2600 can offer some suggestions.

If you can locate him, there's also a chap named Keeman who can offer
you all sorts of truly amazing insights into how e-mail works.

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