need a help in perl and mysql

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can any body give me a suggestion how to extract values from  html form
and to check the uniqueness after that it shld be  stored in mysql

pls give me suggestion in that with example
thanx in advance

Re: need a help in perl and mysql wrote:
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  Not really this ng's focus.
  You would use a scripting language like PHP, JSP, perl, etc, that can
read the CGI parameters. It would then perform the verification, and
access the backend db.
  There are a number of books that describe whole programs that do these
sorts of functions. The websites for the languages no doubt have the
usual, um, succinct examples.

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Re: need a help in perl and mysql wrote in

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This really isn't the group for such a question. If you want to
use Perl to do this, then pick up the Perl Cookbook. It will give
you the basic scripts to do what you want.

Or if you don't want to pay for a book, read the examples with
the CGI module and you may be able to put together enough from
that. However, you may run into security issues if you have no
programming experience.

Of course you could user another language other than Perl, if you
don't know any Perl yet then you may want to use something else.

Rob McAninch

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