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I picked up HTML from books and online tutorials about 10 years ago.  I have
a working knowledge of CSS from articles, but I still feel more comfortable
with tables and text-type HTML editors.  My usual HTML editor is NVU, but
more often than not, I will go to its source tab and edit the markup

I have two Web sites: that I am currently working on; - my early efforts.

Both are probably "horrible" by professional standards.

Can anybody recommend a suitable book I could use as a reference manual
without going into "bells and whistles"?  I am not interested in Flash,
only the occasional animated GIF.  I looked into the 3d motion-effect
programs, but they are too much work and probably browser dependent, and
they are simply unnecessary for my needs.


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Re: Need a good text

Doug Laidlaw wrote:

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There's only one - the W3C HTML specification itself.

For CSS then the W3C site is useful, but hard to read. So Lie & Bos CSS
book is my favoured guide here, plus various web resources on IE errors
and the subtleties of positioning.

If you wanted a from-scratch tutorial I'd recommend the "Head First"
books. The style is odd though and they really need to be read at least
a chapter at a time, rather than dipped into.

Re: Need a good text

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Basically their are only a few things you need to remember when
designing a website:

Remove ANYTHING unnecessary - ESPECIALLY animated gifs - they can kill a
Does it get your point across?
Is it accessible for impaired readers?
Does the style match for each text/page/section?
Is it easy on the eye?
Is it easily to navigate?

That is usually the things I'm thinking when designing the layout of a site.

What I notice when I visit your site is that each page looks totally
separated - their is no common style between them. Two pages could be
from different sites.

I hope I have imported good wisdom and I'm entirely up for criticism if
you think I haven't :D

Brendan Gillatt

Re: Need a good text

Oops - impArted.

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Re: Need a good text

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I think you'll find that the second requires the first to have taken
place! ;-)

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