"MUST REPLY" HTTP response headers

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     I write java code to simulate my machine as a HTTP server,
     what is the "MUST REPLY" HTTP response headers?
     In my small survey,I think there are 2 "MUST REPLY" HTTP response
     (1)Content-Length: (length of content which will be transmitted)
     (2)Content-Type: (by
http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types /)
     Does the program logic make sense?
     thank you for your patient reply and instructions.  
     May goodness be with you all

Re: "MUST REPLY" HTTP response headers

mike wrote:
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Read the RFC - RFC 2616, Sections 6 and 7, to be precise.

Neither of those headers that you mention are REQUIRED as such. End of
content can be signalled by simply closing the connection, and
applications can "guess" the content-type if the Content-Type header is
not present.

Rogan Dawes

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